Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Today was another day in the schools and this time was teaching rounders. When we got into the school we were welcomed with a surprise... After handing over four laptops yesterday they had already tidied out a room and transformed it into their perspective of an I.t room, with one table, a few chairs, and the four laptops all set up to be used... Was a great feeling seeing them already be used and the smiles that a few laptops brought!

We handed out a few frisbies and skipping ropes and immediately the kids were over whelmed! It's a shock at the size of the grins small gifts bring!

We headed once again down to the field another 15 minutes walking... Which is what they so all the time they want area to play sport! We set of the drills and immediately saw how well there basic technique of throwing and catching was! Getting into games showed the understanding of the sport already and seeing the kids have so much fun is amazing! Although I still dont understand how they run over sand and stoned land bare foot without no expression of pain... Like their used to it! After getting into the game we noticed cattle start walking over the field And as we played games the kids fielding would ever stand right next to the herd of cattle ready to catch the ball not with a scare ofthe thought of them charging!

I had a teacher asking me if I could teach them Alevel maths, lap off I went and had a wonderful conversation learning aloft about the way of life and teaching here, was a real shock!

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  1. Great to read your daily blog. Last day today so enjoy the rest of your trip, we look forward to hearing all the tales and looking at the pics. Love from Sandra, Noreen and Marg