Friday, 29 July 2011

Going back to our privileged life

The day had come when it was time to go home, it was strange.... at the start of the week i was scared being in a whole new country far away from home but by the end of the 12 days Africa felt like home! It had gone so fast yet so much had been experienced, sitting back on the journey home allowed the whole week to flash by and i can honestly say it was an experience of a lifetime.... the best week by far I've ever experienced!!

Being back in coventry doesn't feel right, leaving all who we had met and gained relationships with behind in a far different country to the UK felt selfish, although looking back and thinking what we had achieved was pretty spectacular!

We did not only make an impact on hundreds of lives in Africa but i honestly believe we all come away from this learning a lot about ourselves and making an impact on our own lives, letting us see life in a whole new perspective!

However the trip wouldn't of occurred without the huge amounts of hard work behind the scenes so therefore we wish to thank all of those involved in making it happen.

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