Friday, 22 July 2011

The MOOve

Another day began, today was the day of the hotel change- from dolphin suites to cassia lodge. teachers were starting to become considerably irritable as waking up early seemed a tough task ahead of a very busy schedule.Equipment and luggage was loaded onto minibusses and the 'halfway landmark' had been reached. cramped up in the minibus, we were hoping for a fairly stress free drive after yesterday's drama (yes, we got pulled over by the police). Soon after, we had arrived at the bright future school, greeted by sunshine, kids, sports equipment.. and Betty.

Betty was somewhat of a 'feeder'. We could never eat enough, we would be lucky to be able to stand on our own two feet after she had finished catering for the four of us(although she had really catered for about ten!)

Out we went and the 15 minute walk to the playing field was underway and football and endball had soon commenced. Once again the factor 50 was slapped on and for the third day running, the talent was shining through, in between the water breaks of course! The water breaks meant running down to the well used for the builders in preparation for a hard day of brick making and collecting as much as they could possibly bring back up the hill again.

Soon greeted by the african cattle. Striding casually along our football and endball pitches before being ushered along by our brave Sudanese students. These cows meant business. This completed the bulk of the third day in the schools and the walk back to the school was looming.

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