Friday, 22 July 2011

Last day at Bright Future!

The last day within the school and what an emotional day it was, only spending a few days with the children and teachers within Bright Future we become like family.

This day consisted of upskilling the chidren's tennis, although some already seemed wimbledon ready after only a few weeks of practising themselves on the basics! The ralleys were on full display!

Once again we got filled up by 'Betty's specials'. This included her first ever home made pizza, chicken pie, large amounts of fruit, samosas and 'crisips'. We then went on to the fairwell assemberly, with some students making a speech for us and bearing gifts for us... The thought that had gone into each one of our gifts was incredible- this soon turned into a very emotional time, with every one of us sharing at least a tear or two. The singing was underway and the hugs and hand shakes were rife. ROLL ON THE FESTIVAL! Kids were advised an early night and so we set off and headed back to the Cassia Lodge, preparations for the evening at the British High Commisioner's house were underway before setting off.

Arrival at his house soon followed by the greetings of the Comissioner's family and representatives of twin schools. This set the template for a very relaxed and sophisticated evening. James was beaten by Joe at FIFA after we'd eaten all of his food and took over his childrens game room. This wrapped up another eventful day in Uganda.

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  1. Excellent Blog everybody, thanks for sharing your experiences.