Tuesday, 19 July 2011

In at the deep end!

Yesterday, we made our way to bright future school- Kampala.. We were assigned to tag rugby. We were lucky as we were pleasantly surprised at the skill level of the children and this way we felt as if we had been given a head start! All that the kids needed was a lesson on basic skills and rules of tag rugby.

As we were greeted by Christine(the head teacher), we were soon told that we would be teaching 72 children.. Ouch! We soon set out for the playing field the school had rented, 'apparently' it was just down the road. After a 15 minute walk we finally arrived, we were once again greeted, this time by cow dung- this was normal.. The question was immediately asked what we were going to do about this, and Phillip(tag rugby coach) simply replied "what can we do about it" this was time to 'man up'! As the lesson progressed, so did the increase of heat, factor 50 was slapped on and so were the caps, we meant business.

We were amazed by the skill level, the side steps were starting to feature and the pace was injection(this meant tries)! The natural ability was shining through, the talent in this country is outstanding and I'd love to see how they would develop into playing more familiar sports!

We also went over some tennis as this was meant to be their weaker sport, by what I saw it was far from being weak! The way in which all the kids listened and found every drill exciting as the last and even through re heat kept up the same levels of effort!

By Joe and Tish

The day was starting to wind down, and the huffs and puffs were kicking in! And so it was time for drinks and another walk back through the slum style estate

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