Sunday, 17 July 2011

Into the schools!

Today we had a day in all of the five schools that us five schools from Coventry are working with within the week. We had children from schools waiting and running down the street when they saw us arrive, and kids which started singing and dancing as soon as we arrived... Seeing how good they could dance was amazing!! The welcoming of every school was overwhelming and even though we were in the schools for an hour and a half each the connection within that time was huge!

This day was(in one word) amazing.. The joy of even a wave from us towards the children was unreal, a simple wave triggered huge smiles! The swarms of children everytime we set foot off the coach, hundreds of hugs and hand shakes soon followed. After our tours around the somewhat contrasting schools and ball games with the school pupils, a long tiring day of fun emotions and games we set off to the university where we sized up the pitches for the forecoming festival on friday

The welcome at Bright Future school was great, the students lined up in teaching groups according to ability - older students at the back around 15 with the smallest students of around 5 years of age at the front. We picked our endball team from the tallest at the back!! The school needs basic water supplies proper toilets and more open space for sports.we have paid for the use of a field for the week to coach the students. Not that we are competitive... The school has few resources and around 78 students are in each class. The students have to buy their own exercise books and pens. The level of ability from the work on the chalkboardswas varied but their literacy must be good looking at the displays. The staff are wonderful the head teacher called Christine is very excited to be involved on this project. The school was so welcoming and cooked lunch for all of the group. After lunch Joe and Lewis showed off their talent in a game of tag rugby. Looking forward to really developing links tomorrow


  1. Written by Joe, Tasha, lewis and kirky!

  2. Great to read your amazing adventure so far. Just off to a wet and soggy sports day. Take Care.
    Sandra, Noreen and Marj