Friday, 15 July 2011

Settled in

After a long and tiring journey, stopping at Dubai and Adis Adabar we landed in at Entebbe airport ,Uganda. The first thing to hit us was the heat on the run way followed very quickly by the amount of men with guns! We made our way through customs gaining our visas into the country. We then met up with Daniel who is our link in Uganda, who walked us to the meet the very loveable Matthew who would act ad the coach driver for the week. At this point a large bus of young pupils appeared to be on need of some help, ad their bus would not start.... Interesting introduction to Uganda! With the assistance of the afica inspired team e shops their bus was soon bump started and on it's way, little did Miss Kirk know that as the coach burst into life it also regurgitated it's oil from the exhaust over her right leg of her shorts! All the group found her fave amusing as she stared down at the black slick the adorned her leg. Once the luggage was packed we made our way from the airport to Kampala where we ate staying for the first 5 days, the Dolphin Suites.
The journey took us through some very interesting areas of shops which appeared to sell every thing from fruit to petrol driven strimmers! In fact we think in one case the shops went in this order... Scrap metal yard, fruit and veg then a grave yard... Nice! All of these shops held us with wooden branchlike scaffolding supports. We were also amazed at the amount of traffic and shear volume of people that appeared to be either welding metal or standing still doing nothing.
This took us about an hour and a hour before we reached our designation... For that you will have to read tomorrow's blog,,, hopefully not by me and quite this boring!!

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  1. Glad to see you all made it safe and sound and have managed to log in to the blogs ok. Enjoy it all of you! Mr Brown.