Friday, 29 July 2011

The Nile Experience

This was the chance to see a bit of africa from a new light, the nerves and excitement were all building up. Being away from the kids and the school itself was strange! This was going to be an added bonus to the whole once in a life time opportunity, 'white water rafting down the nile' just saying it seems amazing!

At first i was so scared but once jumping in and going down the first rapid the adrenaline build up! The views and wildlife itself was breathtaking too and at every opportunity we found ourself jumping in and swimming in the Nile!

The day flew by and by no time five hours had passed and it was over, going back to the accommodation allowed us to take the whole week into perspective, seeing the worst sides of the country being the slums and then the sight seeing tourist attractions completely opposite to what we had been experiencing throughout the week.

And to my shock i saw no crocs!!!!!

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